Past Projects


“AnnieVickySarah (AVS) is Annie Hanauer, Vicky Malin and Sarah Blanc. A collaborative endeavour, who came together over their shared interest in artists research, investigating ideas of inclusive practice, and supporting professional development for disabled and non- disabled artists in the dance sector”

 I was fortunate to work with all three of these dancers during my time in London with Candoco Dance Company (Vicky was one of my students!)

 With the include dance sector being in its infancy in North Cumbria, in 2017 I worked with the University of Cumbia dance department to invite AVS to lead a residency with the students and those interested in inclusive dance.  This creative immersive week opened ideas and possibilities to the next generation of dancers. 

 Local artists have kept conversations going on dance for disabled and non-disabled dancers and is in its infancy of creating a hub for inclusive dance practice in North Cumbria.

Photos © Kit Haigh