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I was one of the main proponents highlighting the rewards professional dance companies can bring to children with disabilities in rural areas.

In 2017, I worked with my local community and London-based inclusive dance company, Moxie Brawl  to develop the first dance company inclusive residency – Windimoves.

This was a dance project for children at Allendale Primary School and Hexham Priory special school in Northumberland.

The project promoted inclusivity and broke down perceptions about ‘who can dance’. 

Moxie Brawl opened the week with their family-friendly performance, Windibops, a humorous production that addressed issues concerning the environment, global warming and how we digest!



Each day, children from Priory School came over to Allendale to work with children from Allendale Primary. The children explored themes from Windibops to create a dance that was performed to their friends and families on the final day. 

Today, I continue to work with Hexham Priory School and Moxie Brawl.

The Punk Alley project saw children at the school dancing to punk music!   Their ideas were fed into Moxi Brawls final performance piece, ‘Nightmare in Punk Ally’ “Punk Alley is about saying to kids that no matter how loud or soft their voice is – what you say is important”  .  

Photos © Terence Walsh