Past Projects

A cross-arts project

‘150’ was a cross-arts project which took place in 2015 as a part of Hexham Abbey Festival, working with four Hexham-based groups – No. 28, Gateway, Hexham Youth Initiative and a new intergenerational group working with early years and people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Led by local professional artists, each group worked independently to explore and interpret ‘150’ through a different art form – dance, film, drama or music.

The theme, ‘150’, tied in with 150 year celebrations of Beaumont Street in Hexham but the groups were free to interpret the number as they wish to – and that they did! A presentation of the project via a photo exhibition and reflection of the work was presented at the festival launch, and the exhibition was on display over the course of the festival week.

Artists involved: Tim Rubridge, Sue Mitchel, Christo Wallers, Molly Stroyan, Susie Tate.

Photos © Terence Walsh