I am a dance artist working in health, wellbeing, and education.

My work is guided by a curiosity in difference and individuality, in how we move and experience the world.

It is often inspired by the natural environment, particularly where I live in the North Pennines.

Dance artist for health, wellbeing and education

‘You realise there are people who will help you and give you encouragement and just a bit of normality…’

Stroke Survivor

Current Projects

Live Well and Dance
with Parkinson’s

Fluency of movement
Mental and social benefits

Working in collaboration with the national organisation for community dance, People Dancing, https://www.communitydance.org.uk/developing-practice/live-well-and-dance-iwith-parkinsons-i this three-year project taps into the remarkable benefits dancing has on people with Parkinson’s.

The project builds on the research and evidence which shows how dance can support people living with Parkinson’s. Sessions started in autumn 2021 and as About Being, dance, occupational therapy and physiotherapy students support, learn from and contribute to the sessions.

About Being –
a dance programme for stroke survivors

Confidence in movement
Building friendships
A sense of community
Overcoming challenges

These are key benefits which the dance programme About Being brings to the stroke survivors I work with.

About Being starts in the hospital and then moves into the community. The aim of the work is to offer a space for people who have had a stroke to come together to explore, create, socialise and take part in exercise that can support their physiotherapy programmes. 

In all, it is a project where the participants take ownership of their recovery.

Solid friendships have formed in the group which were particularly called on over the COVID lockdowns.