About Being out West

This week I start a new project with stroke survivors at West Cumbria Hospital. I am working with live musician, Melanie Clapham,  which is such a treat!  It means that we can be truly responsive to each person’s movements:  if the tempo needs to be slower in order for someone to move in a certain way, it can be, if someone wants a fast exciting piece of music to move to, they can; no more having to search for something on my iPod (yep! I still use an iPod!!)

The ward physiotherapists and occupational therapists will be supporting the sessions too. Working alongside physios and OT’s is core to my approach:  each bringing  in their expertise to make for the  best possible environment for stroke survivors to recover. And of course the patients bring the life to the work: through the movement and music stories, images and connections emerge that are then woven back into the fabric of the sessions.

More on this project, with all its stories, as it evolves.